I was part of an incredible collaboration while teaching at Washington University in St. Louis. Under the auspices of the Visual Communication Research Studio (VCRS) — a 2-year initiative funded by a grant from the Kauffman Foundation — we were hired by Monsanto to help develop and design a mobile science education program targeted to underserved public schools: naming, branding, curriculum and exhibits were all part of our scope. The introduction of a major science education initiative at the elementary school level in St. Louis was timely. While innovation, technology, and science are playing increasingly significant roles in research and economic development globally, science education in the United States struggles to keep pace. This project presented the opportunity to build an educational experience that inspires young students and supports established learning goals based on Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guidelines. The opportunity to publicize the importance of an active science education for lifelong learning to an audience beyond students — teachers, parents, and the general public — was a motivating factor for our team.

with DB Dowd; Heather Corcoran; Frank Oros; Enrique Von Rohr; Sarah Phares