The cardiologists and surgeons of the Missouri Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Center perform more than 6,000 heart procedures a year in state-of-the-art facilities. Each of these 6,000 patients has something to learn about diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing lifestyle management. In general terms, approximately 10,000 people who enter the Center in any given calendar year have a need to high quality patient education in the cardiac and vascular field. While working at Washington University’s Visual Communication Research Studio, we were commissioned by Dr. Nicholas Kouchoukos, one of the Center’s leading surgeons, to design an education room targeted to patients, their families, and Missouri Baptist staff. Our goal was to reinforce the leadership role being played by Missouri Baptist, resulting in greater patient knowledge and increase motivation to address disease management and accomplish lifestyle change.

with DB Dowd; Frank Oros; Enrique Von Rohr; Sarah Phares