Part of our responsibility involved taking important data and research and distilling key findings into compelling visuals.
 The 250 square foot space was a challenge to design within. We utilized every wall surface and even built a freestanding structure to give us more. Content was divided into six categories: Prevention, Diagnostics, Conditions, Function, Intervention, and Rehabilitation. The viewer can move counter clockwise within the space, but each panel can stand on its own, as well.
 Life size silhouettes were created as a easy way to layer information and attach actual devices to.
 Hundreds of pages of content and research were examined, translated, edited and written to a 5th grade reading level.
 To help ease the vast amounts of reading the client wanted the viewer exposed to, we created two animations focused on the circulatory and electrical system. The content for these animations totaled more than 300 pages of text! Click below to view.
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